Case study: dBiox® Bioscrubber in Argentina


ECOTEC introduces its new installation of a dBiox® Bioscrubber system delivered for biogas desulphurisation at a food and beverage plant in San Luis, Argentina.

This case study presents the implementation of a biological desulfurization dBiox® Bioscrubber system for the efficient operation of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) motors. CHP systems utilize biogas, a renewable energy source, to generate both electricity and heat. However, biogas often contains high levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), which can adversely affect the performance and lifespan of CHP motors. dBiox® Bioscrubber unit offers a  sustainable and cost-effective solution for H2S removal, ensuring optimal CHP motor operation.

ecotec dbiox bioscrubber argnetina

Below, the operation and performance parameters of the plant:

  Pollutants:  H2S
  Flow rate:  1.200 m3/h
  Delivered equipment:  1 Scrubber
  1 Bioreactor
  1 Settler
  1 control Booth



  Pollutant  Inlet  Efficiency  Outlet
  H2S  10.000 ppmv   99.9%  < 100 ppmv

The installation demonstrates the effectiveness the dBiox® Bioscrubber system, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of CHP motors utilizing biogas. By removing H2S from the biogas, the system addresses corrosion, and operational challenges, resulting in increased energy efficiencyreduced maintenance costs, and improved environmental sustainability.

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